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The term ‘off market’ is a much sought after term in the property industry, as ‘off market’ signifies a property that is not openly advertised to the general public.

These generally come from sellers that don’t want the hassle of advertising or the stress of an auction, alternatively they may want to sell quickly due to a personal loss or are keen for a fast deal.

We offer services that provide our partners unique off market Commercial and Residential property investment opportunities. We want to make sure that you find the property that is perfect for your investment needs. Through our extensive network of contacts we have an exclusive portfolio that isn't on the open market but is available to our partners.

We are well-informed with a profound knowledge of off market investment property sector. By developing price strategies based on the current technical value and market trends, we are able to pitch offers at the right level and on terms that will appeal to the seller.

We have many off-market properties for sale exclusively to buy at the right price. Contact us today for further information.

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